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Welcome to the Vale: Avalon blog officially open

There has been so much on our plate leading up to October/November's huge events, but still just enough time to set up Avalon's first official blog. where Genesis, Geolin and Malhavok will also be able to contribute freely.

Avalon's Facebook Page was receiving some TLC the other day, when we weren't working on the web client or preparing the 28-year-wide event coming up.

Now we have our blog up and running to reach back out to the community in a more enduring manner. This spot, unlike Meetplace and its borked software, won't be left dry for quite some time. It has been on our list to set up, yet only in the last few years (and this year for Ghost platform) has anything besides shitty Wordpress been an option.

We will be filling this area with lots of amazing developments over this Autumn 2017 and going forward. Other events will come up at the same time, so we welcome everyone to keep watch and give your feedback.

Mathew Abonyi

Partner since 1999, CTO since 2007, Co-Owner since 2016. His skills are very broad, from writing & game design to SEO & system architecture. Mission: revolutionise Avalon for mobile.

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