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Genesis back on code, Cornelius on product delivery

As the first serious update on the Vale, we welcome back Genesis from his year sabbatical and celebrate his first committed code in UPDATES since his year break. A number of outstanding matters have already been resolved and the backlog of tough problems are now in his capable hands.

It is a special moment in the back rooms of Avalon, because it has not had for decades two full-time and active coders like now. To take advantage of that, I return to full time focus on hustling Jasper's delivery in time for our mystery event this Autumn.


  • Routines for clearing away detritus / spent objects like used potions, runes, mineheads, whitestones, decayed herbs+poisons, deployed military equipment, etc now exist to cycle through and tidy up the waste items cluttering the land. (20th-Cloudburst-1437 aDW)
  • Calling the Angel of Death or the generic angels of death is now fixed. This includes ensuring the Angel himself (death361) remains a presence for those with Evocation to summon. (20th-Cloudburst-1437 aDW)
  • Malloran / spirit aura of returning and other such spirit defences now disperse at the right times e. G. when an offensive act is carried out or when they're SCYTHE'd as part of an attack. (17th-Cloudburst-1437 aDW)
  • The bartenders Armina and Entebbe have been restored to the Crescent Inn and the Kristanisti Tavern of the Golden Dragon respectively. (17th-Cloudburst-1437 aDW)
  • TRINKET RATIONALISATION: beard824 (Alena's folly) and beard1080 (leaf-green beard) are now defined distinct trinkets, with helpfile updated and limits placed on purchase and usage. (16th-Cloudburst-1437 aDW)
  • BRIBE uses only gold coins now. Gems cannot be used any more and must be sold at commodity markets first, to receive the coinage; then used for the BRIBE. See HELP ENLISTING. (16th-Cloudburst-1437 aDW)
  • It is no longer possible to use VOICE on CCCs with proper names (NPCs) or enlistable men or permanent CCCs/steeds/familiars. (16th-Cloudburst-1437 aDW)
  • The PROCURE and PURCHASE commands now use only crowns or payment data as setup using the secure server outside of Avalon. No payment info is hence held on Avalon itself and any previously subscriber/registered details have been purged. Extant subscribers will not be penalised but will need to update payment info through the HTTPS site. (27th-Mournsend-1437 aDW)
  • Lingering spirits and ritual shapes should no longer be scattered around clogging up locations with semi-permanent transients. (27th-Mournsend-1437 aDW)
  • TRINKET RATIONALISATION: the iridescent parrot is no longer able to learn cross-profession abilities nor can it learn/pass on offensive abilities from those skills it provides. Its lore is now fixed. (26th-Mournsend-1437 aDW)
  • Elementalism ROOT and interaction with Fire, Earth, Water and Air root networks are now available. Use with care, report any issues but feel free to induce and interact freely. (26th-Mournsend-1437 aDW)
  • ZOOMING command no longer ending prematurely if you happen to be in one of the locations it lists routes to/from. (26th-Mournsend-1437 aDW)
  • Occasional corruption in TELLS and in outbound tells/messages replacing the text with bogus dates and such should now be fixed.

Issues in focus...

  • Traps, trapbelts, and commodities with mysterious item loss (those in the past involved should contact Genesis directly)
  • Hunt for abilities that do not have equilibrium checks in place
  • Use of free crowns without requiring the DEPOSIT/WITHDRAW hack
  • Tribute to follow global restrictions, which it does not follow at present
  • Freeing alias space for everyone and introducing a restriction on number of movement commands and, potentially, maximum number of commands per alias, to encourage proper atomic settings
  • Further trinket rationalisations, to bring them in line with the original intent as replacing code and clients (especially helpful to mobile users, those of limited time or those studious in their CHAPTERS)
  • Change for CHAPTERS to a flat automatic reward
  • Fixing stray experiences not firing their hooks to reward the diligent
  • Changing chapters to be rewarded for experiences done outside their scope, so that chapters are always awarded for having X number of experiences regardless of what they are
  • Fixing the selection process for chapters to be appropriate to one's level and hours played (no more Become a guildmaster, for someone 100 hours old)

External services

On the other end, Jasper development hit a small hiccup speaking with Avalon as it began its integration with the test game systems, but it also revealed the opportunity to allow selectable multiplaying and being able to include offline/mobile notifications within a month or two of its release. It is now in its integration phase to bring to life offline chat through the in-game aura.

Jasper remains roughly within the October/November time window, in time for our other upcoming event. Screenshots and animated GIFs of the new client will become available closer to its release. We will send out private alpha test invites around the same time.

Other issues

We are presently most interested in issues that impact on multiple people or cause serious upset. These should be brought to the attention of any of the administrative divine (Genesis, Cornelius, Malhavok, Geolin), to find its way into an ordered bug hunt. Even if you think you mentioned it recently, it does not hurt to say it again. There are many competing priorities.

Mathew Abonyi

Partner since 1999, CTO since 2007, Co-Owner since 2016. His skills are very broad, from writing & game design to SEO & system architecture. Mission: revolutionise Avalon for mobile.

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