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Bug Hunting

Debugging is the most intensive process in programming, especially in a million-line codebase. Filing a thorough and informative bug report helps us squash them quicker.

"This doesn't work" tells us very little when searching for a problem, so here are a few tips on ways you can help us track down an issue and get it resolved sooner.

  1. Always check with others that it is indeed something wrong and not a misunderstanding.
  2. Missing, contradictory, or incorrect documentation is reported with BUG <help file> - <passage> - <what is wrong> and CAT <bug number> HELP
  3. If it is a typo, use BUG <the original text snippet> - <what it should be> and CAT <bug number> TYPO
  4. If it is a chapter or experience issue, BUG <experience description> - <what it does wrong> and CAT <bug number> CHAPTERS
  5. For situations involving many messages, e.g. military and abilities, capture a text log and send it to support [at] avalon-rpg.com. If applicable, include related information in your log, such as INFO HERE or INFO ALL, before and after the event.
  6. If the problem is intermittent and you cannot reproduce it, ask one of the administrative divine for assistance: Genesis, Cornelius, Malhavok, Geolin.
  7. After you identify there is an issue, try to avoid it.
  8. Keep an eye on UPDATES for changes and be patient.

Mathew Abonyi

Partner since 1999, CTO since 2007, Co-Owner since 2016. His skills are very broad, from writing & game design to SEO & system architecture. Mission: revolutionise Avalon for mobile.

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