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A thunderclap of changes, Bitcoin added

In realm, the changes have been daily and across every meta game, every profession, and every level of priority from urgent to trivial. The overall focus has been on improving quality of gameplay, including the changes in the curiosity shop and HELP file improvements.

Out of realm, we have added a new payment method of Bitcoin via BitPay on https://avalonrealtime.com/. Bear in mind you must obtain Bitcoin before sending it, such as via Coinbase. If you have other crypto, Shapeshift is a great place to exchange one crypto to another.

Countless vital updates

The furious coding pace by Genesis these last two weeks dealt with a number of spotlight issues and we are closing in on the time where stability/bug hunting can take backseat to much anticipated systemic improvements, such as economics and novicehood.

UPDATES are a blur of disparate fixes, each one with high impact to many people, so please read it carefully and thoroughly. They are listed in full at the end of this post, at least as of the time of writing. A summary is as follows:

  • Lorecouncil request/veto for specialisations
  • Defences and attack restrictions by defences: malloran, aura against swoop, fullparry, using STANDGROUND, magicrush timers, poisons only hit with successful strikes, restriking limitations obeyed
  • New animals, naturalism and spiritualism updates such as PURGE and Ent safeguarding
  • New payment system requires using https://avalonrealtime.com/ with Stripe and all private & financial data from the past have been purged
  • Ghost and ethereal restrictions
  • Seeing stones: traverse & detonate
  • Ritual shapes, mistdomes, WEAVE INTENSITY effect
  • New ucklice locations
  • Various chapter and quest fixes
  • CHAPTER CHOOSE and HELP REWARD now correctly cite only two choices: free crowns or skill boost

There were also important customer related changes:

  • PURCHASE, PROCURE, and SUBSCRIBE simplified and dependent on Stripe ID obtained on https://avalonrealtime.com/
  • HELP PAYING, HELP SUBSCRIBER, etc. updated to reflect new Stripe-based system
  • Wholesale changes to Curiosity Shop wares:
    • lifespan finally implemented and explicitly listed in TRINKET info and TRINKET LIST
    • trinket help file updates
    • bugs giving a bad reputation fixed (firefly update to come soon)
    • new non-combat items, e.g. speedlearning tome
    • price adjustments for many items to reflect lifespan and limits, which are now in effect
    • short lifespan bijou trinkets now affordable, e.g. bijou mirror from 1000+ USD -> 200 CROWN / 80 USD with 30-day lifespan
  • Purged all sensitive data for customers past and present, now completely reliant on Stripe's world-class security of financial details

Changes to the shop share the same focus: to broaden the type of items on offer and to bring their affordability generally within range of subscription crowns -- roughly 15 CROWNS (1 months of bronze) and 200 CROWNS (2 months of platinum), with a few rare high end at 1000+ CROWNS, and a mean price of all items and services on offer below 200 CROWNS. In this way, most items would be within reach of anyone to enjoy and the short lifespan of potent items or longer lifespan of utility items would be a choice left for each individual to make.

The UPDATES in full

5th November:

  • For all Loremaster specialisation REQUEST/REQUESTS now properly log the prospective specialist (Opalescence or Skymastery) and the support/veto declarations by Loremaster brethren; and LC CHECK long time bug fixed where it didn't properly count days elapsed v days required, or lost existing REQUESTS. In short: Loremaster specialisation request and check and successfuly acquire Opalescence/Skymastery is fully functional at last. (10th-Hindyear-1438 aDW)
  • Experiences fixed: headband and other specifics to Thandrades, artifacts to Periam/monarch, sailing around Avalon coast, tending grassland meadow, feeling a blowpipe poison, silver petal to monarch, on deck when black galleon sails. (8th-Hindyear-1438 aDW)
  • GUILDMSG no longer showing bogus text in the header of whatever is messaged to the guild-members. (7th-Hindyear-1438 aDW)
  • Blackened axe (axe19) set UNIQUE so it will no longer batch with other non-quest axes. (7th-Hindyear-1438 aDW)
  • Forestry ability "bear" renamed "animalform" to cover the bear-form and the wolf-form, depending on the guild within the Ranger profession. AB FORESTRY ANIMALFORM updated to cover both forms, HELP WOLVES added alongside HELP BEARFORMS. (7th-Hindyear-1438 aDW)
  • Experiences fixed: returning royal document, climbing to the crater peak of Mt Sapience, experiencing final stage starvation, destroying items in orc town fissure, hurled great goblin scimitar off edge eye of darkness, making a timeline journal entry. (7th-Hindyear-1438 aDW)

4th November:

  • HELP PAYMENTS, HELP PAYING, HELP SUBSCRIPTIONS, HELP SHOPPING, HELP PROCURE, HELP CROWNS all brought up to date, trimmed away unnecessary content. (23rd-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Trinket lifespan and downpricing by duration: the first list of trinkets populating the main location of the Old Curiosity Shop is now in place, TRINKETS <trinket###> up to date and GOODS pricing now reflecting duration and artifact effect. The main shop location covers trinkets from above 150 CROWNS to anything under 550 CROWNS. See RATES for crown to currency conversation tiers: the main shop displays trinkets 37.50 USD to 110 USD. (19th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Dancing firefly, single, badged in Market Yard of Curiosity Shop with 90 RL DAY (3 RL month) duration and cost in crowns reflecting this @ 8 CROWNS. Firefly jars all indefinite lifespan until fireflies get relesaed; then they expire. Prices adjusted to reflect the starting cost of the single firefly; and reductions for bulk at each successive jar size. (19th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Trinket lifespan and downpricing according to duration: the first list of trinkets populating the Old Curiosity Shop "Market Yard" is now in place, TRINKETS <trinket###> brought up to date and GOODS pricing in crowns complete. The Market Yard location covers trinkets from 5 CROWNS to anything under 150 CROWNS. See RATES for conversion dollars to crowns: this is basically 1.25 USD to 37.50 USD at best crown acquisition rate. Durations from 30 RL days to 1460 RL days (4 RL years).
  • Trinket lifespan rationalisation and downprice completed for: dark laen hood, anklet of dark crystal, amber amulet, little finger ring, bronze boomerang, ghostly coronet, bottle of vintage wine, onyx-handled cane, silk overalls, silk skullcap, hawk brooch, rod of divining, precocious piggy bank, raven-claw earring, silver-rimmed monocle, gordian chain. (19th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Restriking and assorted automated attack strikes now impact CASE ATTACK and CASE DEFENCE a tad, which rolls into damage dealt and damage taken (when hit by an opponent). Small factor but worth understanding. (15th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Letter delivery when letter is snowflake runed no longer carried out on letters outside of the postbox/postal halls i.e. letters won't keep spam-chasing down the recipient each time the rune causes them to be dropped. Letter delivery will also never occur when letter is in the same location as the recipient, snowflaked or not. (15th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Acrobatics and independent aloofness and certain other super-agility abilities are no longer compatible with the heavy weight of lots of armour e.g. wearing platemail, carrying shield = impossible to maintain acrobatics. (14th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • The poisoning following a weapon/melee strike (e.g. when you get hit with a blade carrying poisons) now only comes about when the strike is successful, i.e. not when it is blocked or fully parried or warded off by pentacle or acrobatics and so on. (14th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Not possible to FULLPARRY unless both right and left arm are unbroken. FULLPARRY properly subject to the standard checks and balances e.g. needs balance to do, uses balance to enact, etc. (14th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • FULLPARRY effective against the strike attacks - weapon melee, archery, bite, claw, throttle, slice, vorpal blade, windpipe, and so on. (14th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Armour used for fullparrying without the health (repair) to be effective no longer allows FULLPARRY to be carried out. (14th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Fisticuffs FULLPARRY now properly uses arm-greaves (the pair) to reduce inbound damage unto zero - as one might expect - but now also properly damages the health of the greaves. (14th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • DEFENCES showing armour percentage now includes the fullparry subtlety i.e. arm-greaves/gauntlets add to the % covered only when NOT being actively used in fullparrying. (14th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Being in an impervious stone form (e.g. turned into a statue) now functions as a block/defence against most physical strikes - akin to an alkar but less easily dispersed. (12th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • FULLPARRY suitably equipped and balanced brought into the defensive repertoire against the standard attacks plus recent standardisation like VORPAL BLADE, SLICE, WINDPIPE. (12th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Luminescent yarriol gauntlets trinket lifespan imposed for future iterations, price reduced to reflect this <20% former cost. (12th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Aura of returning and globe of bladebar now effective to block weapon strikes above and beyond solely damage attacks e.g. the vorpal blade, the bleeding slice, etc. (10th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Defensive measures like pentacle, alkar, aura protections, acrobatics, aloofness have been made effective versus various strike attacks where previously they were being ignored. Examples of this include WINDPIPE, SLICE, VORPAL BLADE (and dualslice, dualvorpal Chivalry abilities). (10th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • No more private financial data should be or will be kept with Avalon henceforth. Prior subscriptions and registered data are no longer extant. We apologies to older players for any inconvenience but it's an evolution long overdue. Old data has been purged. Setting up using the new secure system takes under a minute so we urge everyone to do so if/when the need arises. There is no charge for setting up with https://www.avalonrealtime.com and/or linking your Avalon personae with the new customer tokens. (12th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • LINK from having set up payment details with the secure server https://www.avalonrealtime.com (and validated via encrypted bank/third-party process) now properly links your Avalon character, e-mail and the customer token you get from the secure server; for subsequent use with PURCHASE, SUBSCRIBE and PROCURE. (11th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)

3rd November:

  • Spiritualism PURGE now erodes bonding and binding of spirit and/or demon familiars. (10th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Guildmasters and guild leaders (especially from Knight profession) no longer prevented from using the likes of Squire and Sir in setting prefix/suffix of members. (10th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • New critter in the land: the tiny pink sugar mouse. These can be picked up when one's hungry and eaten for full satiation. But these sweet creatures are friends of Wraith so consume them at your own risk.! (9th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Candescence WEAVE INTENSITY and Dramatics HUNGER performance cause significant hunger with each strike once again. (9th-Ilmarael-1438 aDW)
  • Magicrush erroneous setup fixed. (18th-Midsummer-1438 aDW)
  • SWOOP and seeing stone FOCUS no longer possible targetting aura forms. (18th-Midsummer-1438 aDW)
  • No longer possible to FLY to aura targets. (18th-Midsummer-1438 aDW)
  • No longer possible to LORESTAVE PORTAL or TRAVERSAL to aura targets. (18th-Midsummer-1438 aDW)

2nd November:

  • STANDGROUND can no longer be done by everyone regardless of their form or having the Endurance ability. (17th-Midsummer-1438 aDW)
  • EXP 61 - KenkriaSlay - how does that flurble its wurble? (16th-Midsummer-1438 aDW)
  • CHAPTER CHOOSE per HELP REWARDS now up to date to list of possible rewards which, at present, are Avalon crowns and lessons (skill boosts). (16th-Midsummer-1438 aDW)
  • BAD NAME IN SNOOPON output header but correct output. (16th-Midsummer-1438 aDW)
  • Hawk brooch trinket lifespan at 90 days (3 RL months) with cost downpriced 16-fold. Horn-rimmed monocle trinket indefinite lifespan. Ageless sandals lifespan at 365 days (1 RL year) with cost downpriced by half. (14th-Midsummer-1438 aDW)
  • SUBSCRIBE now functions like PURCHASE as per SUBSCRIPTIONS list of options with UNSUBSCRIBE also updated; all to use the customer tokens you get when registering payment methods via our secure server @ www.avalonrealtime.com. (13th-Midsummer-1438 aDW)
  • PROBE for trinkets and divine items and artifacts now shows properly duration without a clash with standard item decay time-left. (27th-Skyelong-1438 aDW)
  • Ucklie can now be grown in the Fiorella valley. (25th-Skyelong-1438 aDW)

1st November:

  • Lifespan for trinkets shown when you type TRINKETS to review your trinket inventory. Also updated to reflect CROWNS at point of purchase. (5th-Skyelong-1438 aDW)
  • The laen forging hammer (TRINKETS HAMMER1061) lifespan is now in place with, as usual, pricing reflecting this. (5th-Skyelong-1438 aDW)
  • Silk skullcap (regeneration) trinket lifespan now properly in place and price reduced to reflect this. (5th-Skyelong-1438 aDW)
  • Ent / awakened tree safeguarding + retaliating + attacking intruder bug fixed. (4th-Skyelong-1438 aDW)
  • IMMUNISE (Survival ability) conditions / restrictions and consequences (e.g. unbalancing) fixed up. (4th-Skyelong-1438 aDW)
  • Issue with lightarc / loremaster arclight versus CCC under certain conditions not properly slaying the CCC or attributing the killer has been resolved. (4th-Skyelong-1438 aDW)
  • Dainty cherub wings trinket for lower sky flying (and swooping/reaching) now active with limited lifepsan and downpriced accordingly (see TRINKETS WINGS1191). (3rd-Skyelong-1438 aDW)

31st October:

  • Bijou hand-mirror, golden discus, string bracelet, dog-eared tome trinkets available in the Curiosity Shop with their specific lifespan and downprice accordingly. The latter two are particularly worth looking over. (26th-Paglost-1438 aDW)

30th October:

  • Oratory (in Dramatics) function fixed up. (1st-Paglost-1438 aDW)
  • Burning issues (specifically with antifire/fire protection) resolved - relating to rituals, fur burning, immolation and damnation etc. (27th-Springflower-1438 aDW)
  • Confusing balloon interplay on the bridge of souls (holy grail quest) fixed. (27th-Springflower-1438 aDW)
  • CHANNELS for the fixed mirrors now functions correctly to list available channels / focus options for the mirror to reflect. (27th-Springflower-1438 aDW)
  • Collecting men (enlistable, beckoned, bribed, barracked, etc) no longer groups those of same loyalty/type incorrectly. (25th-Springflower-1438 aDW)

29th October:

  • Naturalism LIBERATE cancelling bulbous plant form / restoring natural human form expanded to reverse various plant/rooted metamorphoses. (25th-Cloudburst-1438 aDW)

27th October:

  • FORMS command now correctly showing shape-form incarnations for those with the Perception ability "forms". (12th-Mournsend-1438 aDW)

26th October:

  • RATIO output fixed when looking over another player's long-term deaths and kills record. (17th-Eleuthral-1438 aDW)
  • PILFER lack of due unbalance / constraints fixed. (16th-Eleuthral-1438 aDW)
  • TRINKET RATIONALISATION: those trinkets with longevity now tick down properly so - for example - suit1110 that enhances Farming and Labours yield/speed comes with a duration of 90 days (3 RL months) and duly ticks down accordingly. (15th-Eleuthral-1438 aDW)
  • Stacking of charms and talismen no longer possible so Master warding and Master enhancement is the most possible from charm and/or talisman worn. Other warding/enhancement methods aren't affected. (15th-Eleuthral-1438 aDW)
  • Seedpods that were previously able to be picked up should be anchored to their locations once again. (15th-Eleuthral-1438 aDW)
  • Insanity Necromancy ability no longer works against those under divine protection or otherwise protected from attack. (15th-Eleuthral-1438 aDW)
  • Ghost / ethereal / astral forms naturally lose restrictions like being webbed, being caught in a net, being bound by ropes, being physically immobilised etc. (15th-Eleuthral-1438 aDW)
  • Ghost / ethereal / astral forms no longer restrained by such things as snare / clamp traps when moving around. (15th-Eleuthral-1438 aDW)

24th October:

  • Consequences of starving to death (hunger) issue fixed. (24th-Agamnion-1437 aDW)
  • Fixed TRINKET showing incorrect prices. (19th-Agamnion-1437 aDW)

23rd October:

  • Error in FAR TRAVERSE fixed preventing the traversal from working properly under certain circumstances. (4th-Agamnion-1437 aDW)
  • Corona in a misty or mistdomed location now informs you of the type of mist before the corona piercing the darkness and letting you see the surroundings. (1st-Agamnion-1437 aDW)
  • Ritual shapes no longer showing as 'on fire' ! (1st-Agamnion-1437 aDW)
  • Ritual mistdome no longer mistaking LIGHT locations for DARK ones, and battling against it fruitlessly. (1st-Agamnion-1437 aDW)
  • Tributes from occupied territory - key locations and villages/towns - updated to reflect the proper potentials and actual comms gained by occupying legions in place. (14th-Leaflost-1437 aDW)
  • MISTDOME Ritual issue preventing the ritual from properly enacting, especially in otherwise light affected locations, fixed. (14th-Leaflost-1437 aDW)

21st October:

  • Throttling with shadows error fixed. (30th-Ilmarael-1437 aDW)
  • Detonation of coalesced seeing stones is no longer possible in fixed seeing stone locations. (28th-Ilmarael-1437 aDW)

20th October:

  • Fixed issue with palantir detonations crashing the realm with a null stone. (14th-Ilmarael-1437 aDW)
  • Bogus message for leech demon effect - what it's sucking away - now fixed + rearsensing leech activity works again. (23rd-Midsummer-1437 aDW)
  • Silverfalls southeastern barbican exits corrected to lead through to the river rather than Orestes' kitchen! (23rd-Midsummer-1437 aDW)
  • PILFER and pilfering now properly checks conditions / restrictions preventing use; and unbalances after it has been done. (23rd-Midsummer-1437 aDW)
  • IMMUNITY command no longer mistakenly available to almost everyone but instead now just for those shapeforms with it as innate and - of course - those with the skill of Necromancy. (23rd-Midsummer-1437 aDW)

19th October:

  • Prices in the Curiosity Shop, the bijou chamber, the adjacent yard, for all trinkets and special services: these are now solely listed in CROWNS and must be purchased using CROWNS only. (20th-Midsummer-1437 aDW)
  • TRINKETS RATIONALISATION: first pass over the Curiosity Shop is complete and the initial selection of appropriate / acceptable trinkets are now spread across the three rooms in the Curiosity Shop, sorted by crowns value. Those of you with an eye for such things, be it for possible acquisition or concern about a trinket's place in the game-system: speak of your concerns with the Gods, point out observations and feel free to make suggestions. This is the best time to contribute. (20th-Midsummer-1437 aDW)
  • Some behavour of GBS (GLOBESTAVE) LIGHTROPE has been fixed up. (18th-Midsummer-1437 aDW)
  • BRIBE for larger groups of enlistables should now correctly number the newly bribed group in all cases. (10th-Midsummer-1437 aDW)
  • Purchasing commodities from traders markets should now batch properly the purchase and handle the exchange of commodity batches correctly. (9th-Midsummer-1437 aDW)
  • Widespread fix to items newly created (like a picked herb or a fashioned rune) coming into existence with a lot of clutter, e.g. a bunch of bogus items attached. There will be leftovers pre-fix which we'll be sorting out but there should be no new occurrences. Report any you see from this point on. (7th-Midsummer-1437 aDW)
  • Trapping: traps made no longer clash with pre-existing objects, causing naming confusions. All traps now have their own unique object types so you can refer to them more easily, as per TRAPLIST and TRAPS commands. (6th-Midsummer-1437 aDW)
  • Trapping: weird messages and bogus item usage descriptions are fixed. (6th-Midsummer-1437 aDW)
  • Trapping: ore use for preparing an individual trap is working - for all traps - prioritising iron ore but also using copper or tin. (6th-Midsummer-1437 aDW)
  • Trapping: correct use of inventory across all traps now in working order e.g. ARROWS uses 5 arrows (from quiver or held), SNARE uses an iron bar, ARSON uses a tinderbox, and so on. (6th-Midsummer-1437 aDW)

16th October:

  • Double mana eating Candescence abilities are now back to normal, as per AB CANDESCENCE mana cost. (9th-Paglost-1437 aDW)
  • Evocation SHARDS and BLACKHAND require + use equilibrium / restricted by other states like having no mana, breaking protection, affecting pentacle+alkar and so on. (4th-Paglost-1437 aDW)
  • Projected Spiritualism and Evocation, across 30+ abilities including those issued through the demon homonculus, now both check and use equilibrium and function consistent with the restrictions and consequences of standard use, e..g.. breaking protection, using equilibrium, stepping out of pentacle, etc. (4th-Paglost-1437 aDW)
  • Homonculus commands - all those listed in AB DEMONOLOGY from "search" to "secrete" and everything in between - now duly check conditions for use (e..g.. blocked by chasing hard equilibrium) and apply consequences after use (e..g.. equilibrium loss, broken protection, etc). (4th-Paglost-1437 aDW)

15th October:

  • No longer possible to BOND without mana. (16th-Springflower-1437 aDW)
  • Mysticism "bond" (and through Farsight etc) no longer requires an extra bond for the Mysticism voodoo to work but as listed in the AB MYSTICISM syntax help. (16th-Springflower-1437 aDW)
  • Farsight "blacken" updated to knock out the seeing stone for one Avalon day, not one Avalon month. (16th-Springflower-1437 aDW)
  • Candescence "intensity" now causes hunger as described. (16th-Springflower-1437 aDW)
  • Dwarves, monks and other CCCs now respawning correctly after offering / destruction - merely a longer timespan prior to rebirth under certain conditions. (9th-Springflower-1437 aDW)
  • Kenkria's monks have been repopulated around the monastery for the gauntlet challenge - back to the correct total numbers. (9th-Springflower-1437 aDW)
  • Thaumacie dwarves (guards, soldiers, cooks, archers, smiths) have been fully repopulated across the dwarf citadel city. (9th-Springflower-1437 aDW)
  • Use of Charming spells through Mystic familiars (like puppets and companions) now functions including HEALHAND, HANDBURN, WEB, CLOAK, SLEEP, PENTACLE. (6th-Springflower-1437 aDW)
  • Moving puppets and companions around using compass directions, without use of equilibrium, in and out of become'd state. (6th-Springflower-1437 aDW)
  • Remote Oracle abilities now use/require equilibrium as per the setup of each individual ability. (6th-Springflower-1437 aDW)
  • Mysticism: puppet and companion commands when issued independently or as an Oracle or when having become the puppet all now require due equilibrium according to the ability being used. (6th-Springflower-1437 aDW)

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