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Autumn 2017 marks turning point in Avalon

In the last two months of Autumn 2017, we have seen an unprecedented wave of change: 2500+ fixes, a new novicehood system, warfare returning, subscriptions & crowns simplified, automatic purchase, and skill and chapter cleanup.

Novice Chapters: a new way to learn Avalon

The new novice chapters replace accolades and schools. The system is in place and done. First 7 chapters active, 6 final LW chapters remaining. Content is being refined/expanded into December.

Autumn 2017 closes with the most significant change to Avalon in 20+ years, the addition of a proper novicehood. For 25 years we have had no proper training or tutorial for the young and, almost by sheer force of Avalon's quality, we gained new Avalonians from time to time. We do and always had a fairly strong influx of young -- that churning is now turned to our advantage with young players discovering the world and joining guilds on a daily basis. The impact of novice chapters is still being projected, but it is undeniably transformative.

A followup post will detail how the novice chapters look like and what remains to be written.

Warfare and Insurrection

Since Avalon is very interdependent across its systems, warfare is obviously a key part of creating conflict and making it meaningful. Consequently, we've resumed the fixes and improvements begun early 2016 on this system.

Clean slate. All SOI flags across the world have been reset. This choice was inevitable given the Parrian and Thakrian dominance of the map which had cut out Mercinae. To balance this clearly one-sided impact, legion numbers will remain largely untouched.

Warfare will be returning after the New Year. Limited access is already available during implementation, but there will be two weeks prior final release for testing on Battle Isle.

One of the key additions announced in the past were insurrections in conquered territories. While city versus city warfare is intense, villages and towns seem spinelessly acceptant of defeat every day. To engender more complex relationships and eliminate the "superpower" blocs of the past, towns and villages will fight back equal to their size and resources on an annual basis. If you cannot hold that territory, it will revolt and free itself from your territory.

Reputation and Divine Globes

Annual divine globe and guild reputation parsing is back. It had choked some year ago and sponsorships were left to be unenforced until the realm had reached better stability. We are now at that point and amongst the bug fixes, globes and reputation were also cleaned up.

Some methods of abusing reputation gain have been fixed.

Sponsorships, Subscribers, Crowns, Purchase

Sponsorships and no credit situations are no longer ignored. Be sure if you are sponsoring someone, to keep in regular contact and top up their sponsored months when appropriate. This is as it should be. We are considering whether we need a month of leeway to get people used to the change caused by such an important fix. Regardless, get in the habit now.

Sponsorships now have their intended cost to city globes and guilds. SCORE shows a breakdown of your own credit/deficit to the city for the year. More tools for sponsored/sponsoree will come shortly.

Lifetimers can now enjoy subscriptions, with cumulative benefits.

Fixed active progression with chapter rewards automated to 10 free crowns.

1 crown is worth 2 lessons. Calculating procurement is much easier and similar to the original PROCURE cost.

PURCHASE, LINK and SUBSCRIBE working smoothly. The changes to linking account details are all ironed out now. Payment details are submitted solely via https://avalonrealtime.com/ using industry standard encryption and Stripe. We expect to streamline this process in 2018.

Winter 2017/2018: December, January

The coming winter is focused on getting all the pistons of Avalon firing again and doing so in unison. With its interdependent meta games, so much liveliness and conflict falls away without the right impetus.

We have a small preview of what we intend for the coming two months:

  • Returnee and profession chapters to (re-)educate and smooth transitions.
  • Warfare with village insurrection.
  • Economic rebalance after warfare now. Warfare is so much more requested that it seems prudent to place economic rebalancing afterwards.
  • Return of investments. After reputation/globes and warfare seed the algorithm, it can be expected to return, initially in a mild form.
  • January 2018 change upcoming to the CURRENCY curve. We intend to chop down to a 2.60 - 3.00 maximum rate of USD to CROWN.
  • Kills, flagging, crafting, etc. for active lesson gain. General progression still requires one more incremental sharpening but requires these additions first.
  • New skills for crafting. The countless craftable items in Avalon will be covered by learnable general skills that will be received by everyone.
  • Fixing incomplete skills and abilities.

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