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Economy Rebalanced, Novicehood of 400 tasks, Skill Work Begins

This will be a short review of all that has happened in February and will be happening in March.

1st March: Economy Rebalanced

Every commodity in the realm was re-proportioned to sqrt(old value) x 8, or halved, whichever reduced more. The imbalance between the cities is now gone. Seasons are functional as are the fields, farming, and labours on which commodity production depends.

It instigated a pause on warfare until other aspects of the realm were allowed to play out. Initial version released for TACTICS (global shared dispatches) and MARKERS (zoom and convey points) provide alternatives to anchor legions and lengthy commands. Formation and approach revisions to come.

Skill Sessions Begin!

We begin this Saturday, 10th March 2018, to finalise the way professions will interact for years to come. The focus is on a competitive, challenging dynamic without sacrificing any profession's strengths.

A few simpler changes were introduced in the first week of March; they will be revisited as part of the greater picture in the skill sessions upcoming.

All seniors invested in their professions should be progressing their specialisations and preparing themselves to report on what most ails their profession.

First come, first serve. Priority will be given to those most engaged in the process of reconstructing reproducible problems and providing detailed evidence of imbalance or error.

Be precise, quote text, prepare a shortlist, and focus on a few abilities or issues before moving on with the next set.

Trinket Lifespans Removed, prices of 6 - 300 crowns

Every trinket now has a permanent price and most have a monthly price. Prior purchases are unaffected, though with the removal of lifespans, they will move automatically to a monthly price instead of being wiped. Monthly prices are under 300 crowns.

Permanence means permanence. The artifact is kept for the lifetime of that character.

Procurement 4 lessons for 1 crown special this March

For the coming of Spring, we have an offer on procurement of 4 lessons per crown until the end of March. Check the new HELP PROCURE.

Novicehood Streamlined, 400 LW and Badge Experiences

Early novicehood is now only 3 quick chapters:

  1. Chapter 1: choosing city, joining academy, optionally trialing a few professions, then joining a guild by the end.
  2. Chapter 2: emptying the novice-issue chest and learning skills.
  3. Chapter 3: very general overview of Avalon's five main meta: combat, warfare, politics, trade, adventure/chapters. After issuing their proclamation to the world, their first words, they become an LW.

The LW chapters remain 6 but far, far fewer tasks in each. They have open-ended requirements, such as a number of badge tasks completed and/or a number of badges completed.

Each badge has fully guided tasks, up to 20 per badge, with graduating difficulty and specifically one or more at the end of each badge that will require considerable time, effort, and cooperation or competition with other mortals.

Badges are completely open ended, with only a few early badges prescribed to be completed before others, but every LW chapter allows for a badge to be concurrent and to flip between badge chapters at any time to continue progressing.

Any MW graduating from this system will be better educated than any Avalonian had been, since 1989. It already contains over 350 tasks available at the time of writing, with another 50 to come on the nature of politics, elaborate and evocative questing, and tradesmanship mechanics like rented shop shelves for selling your goods without needing to own a shop yourself.

Check out BADGES even as a senior to see the wealth of material released. Most of you will discover many new tricks and tips.

The full badge chapters will be revealed in a later follow-up post.

Chapters for everyone

REMEMBER is now the go-to command for listing all of your possible chapters, relevant also to middling and senior mortals. You can have up to 3-4 chapters active at any given time, one of each type:

  • LEGEND: difficult, ambitious tasks in a chosen area
  • BADGES: (LW only) a badge for each aspect of Avalon, change badge at whim
  • HONOURS: guild and profession objectives/guidance
  • MASTERCLASS: focus on one area of a single meta (e.g. Trenches in Warfare).

Guildmasters and city leaders are encouraged to post in their requests, feedback, and their own task submissions.

We will continue to expand the chapters, with curated content and detailed lessons in every aspect of Avalon, right up to HI-SENIOR standing, until such a time as the Masterclasses and Honours are replete with excellent advice and encouragement to bring out the best of Avalon's latent potential.

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