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Update: Website Performance improved by 32x, 4:1 Procure, Professions, Events

Website and Umbra

The website Avalon is now 32x times faster to load because of a number of optimisations, caching, compression, and streamlining the asset delivery of our services. All links should now be working and the BB is updated automatically from the realm. Everything operates on HTTPS and if you have any issues whatsoever, please contact support@avalon-rpg.com.

The next target is increasing real-time updates to the website from Avalon and refining Umbra's styling and content separation (map, guidance, chapter/remember, score, health/mana) to ease introduction into Avalon.

If you experience momentary disconnection in Umbra, do not be alarmed: it is not a bug. We are likely rebooting our services with updates.

Thief and Seer Updates

Thief updates are incoming shortly and will overlap with Seer in the week to come.

We have received very few reports since beginning skill development, particularly the Thief focused development. This is a reminder to thieves and seers to report with BUG and BC <number> THIEF or BC <number> SEER to mark out professional bugs. Use BUGS to list your old ones and categorise them properly. Longer reports should be sent by email to support@avalon-rpg.com

4 lessons per crown

To remind everyone, as of the 4th of March, all procurement has on offer for the rest of March 2018 a conversion of four lessons for one crown. You are able to TRANSFER paid crowns to others as gifts, too, if you wish to give an Easter present.

Crown and lesson rewards are now after each completed task

All chapter rewards have been replaced with individual rewards per task. The badges, masterclasses, and honours chapters become a great lure away from the difficult tasks of pursuing their legend. While the young and senior win most from this change, those of middling standing will see little different aside from earning a few spare crowns and lessons from the new badges. For seniors who were receiving only ten crowns for a legend chapter near the end, it will be a welcome change for their hard work to receive more than ten.

Chapter hiatus: one per Avalon day

You may have noticed that, after completing a legend chapter, your next chapter will not spawn immediately. Everyone except for novices and littlewhos will be throttled to a chapter per Avalon day.

Chapters exist to direct your efforts into profitable, meaningful contact with others; they are not a single-player mechanic, at all, nor a checklist to game victory or mastery.

Chapters are anything but a checklist of mastery. In fact, from our perspective they are still a basic tutorial, albeit 1500 of them as of writing. It only proves how large Avalon really is, in terms of meaningful actions you may perform, that its preamble is 100,000 words of guidance to introduce the other 2 million.

This change is in fact something that was never turned on in the past but has existed for many moons, since chapters were introduced.

You can use CHAPTER NEXT <type> during the hiatus in chapters to prefer a type of experience. At the touch of rosy fingered dawn, your new chapter will appear.

Upcoming Events

There is an animal auction next week, presided by Hyperion. Keep an eye out for the announcement.

With enough interest, we will be holding an egg hunt & egg melee over Easter weekend. More details will follow.

When all professions have had their first pass of improvements (sometime late April, early May), we will announce a preliminary Battlesands and Divine Gem quest.

Keep your eye on News BB, Events BB, UPDATES, and the Vale.

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