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The bells toll for Avalon's Recovery -- return to 2006 stability

The Bells of Eleusis toll for Avalon's recovery after sixth months of focused effort to reach this level of stability. We have drawn the line in the sand and redressed the issues over a long period of neglect and scattergun commitment.

Our redoubled efforts to address everyone's concerns, including our own of game design and stability, began last October, and has produced an entry in UPDATES every day for six months. Now we can both asssess and look towards the future.

Avalon returns to subscription-only

In 2013, sponsorship was introduced for a couple of reasons. One was to try out freemium and the other was to rebuild the population after years of neglect.

The rebuilding is complete and freemium/sponsorship was terrible for the realm. For Avalon to work, it requires a real attachment to your character and a readiness to struggle, not just enjoy, the consequences of everyone's actions. That cannot work if you can turn it off tomorrow / not care about the time spent.

We have had a strong upsurge of subscriptions since making it manditory, with on average 1 in 3.6 genuine novices at LW going on to subscribe. We have been careful to help presently sponsored players convert to subscriptions in a smooth manner and about half of them have. There will be those who drop out and we must all accept that the measure of commitment to Avalon is not for everyone.

266 new sponsorships were given from October, until mid March when they were quietly pulled as an option.
142 did not continue playing for another month after receiving their first sponsorship (not told about subscription, just stopped / bored / etc).
98 who did, were verified second characters, until we stopped secondary sponsorship in mid-Feb.
26 sponsorships were on MIDDLING or higher first characters.
13 of them did not subscribe or return after hearing of subscription.

For people who say sponsorship was good for the game, I categorically tell you it was not. It was in fact a disaster for years, because the only long-standing sponsorships were by seconds, bar a small handful. That gave rise to suspicion of novices being seconds and resentment to help them. It also gave rise to the demand for a sponsorship or absence of appreciating the effort put into Avalon by a couple of people, to then play free, not just at the cost of the realm, but at the cost of others around them.

The attitude of the subscribers, even on our non-profit 8 USD / month tier, has been markedly more involved with each other and I do not need to give our statistics for it for all of our subscribers to agree, the attitude in the realm has been far more involving, mature, and competitive.

On average since January:

Subscribers play +22% Active Hours than sponsorships -- not idling
Sponsored play +30% more Total Hours than subscribers -- idling
Subscribers play +70 to +80% Involved Hours -- Involved is a measure of aggressive aura, non-city locations, or interaction of some kind with other mortals

Yes, there were more people, by about 42 vs 30 online at one time, with sponsorship, but the sense of inactivity from each other reinforced an attitude that there was nothing to do and the realm cannot survive on that basis.

There is one very important point that I want everyone to take away from this post: If you think the realm is not growing, it is not because of subscription. It is because novicehood is not doing its job!

4 lessons for 1 crown continues into April

The 4:1 ratio for lessons to crowns had an unexpectedly high turnaround and partially answered if the previous rate was too severe. We will determine if the deal for March/April is best kept permanently, based on whether it is well supported again through April. Otherwise, it will return to 2 or 3 per crown in May.

Trinkets scaled back, next ones to be removed

As intimated above, we introduced trinkets as a different way of funding the continuation of the realm. With rising subscriptions and normal purchases like lessons, with renewed commitment to playing Avalon long-term, we are able to remove the cruft we do not like nor feel is good for the realm.

We have been quietly removing some already but it is now an official policy to begin scaling back what kinds we offer.

Trinkets to disappear

  • mirror1246: the snooping mirror is deeply grotesque and removed last month
  • carpet579 / chariot: these already have the appropriate restrictions of not pinging through doors, but we do not need more of them
  • hammer1061: the craft/forge hammer, disrupts Loremaster involvement
  • barb726: pinion for non-thieves, it has got to go
  • disc951: nobody understood how cool it was to drop through the floor

You may notice these are all aggressive or invasive to the importance of certain professions. That is indeed the theme of removal for the time being. Convenience items that have not been purchased nor registered interest with players will also be removed from the shop if they remain unpopular.

Present Owners, Trinkets Remaining

Anything de-listed from the Curiosity Shop is no longer able to proliferate. That does not effect those who have them already with a limited lifespan or permanent. There are only two people with the above trinkets already and both are limited lifespans. They cannot be permanent now, as they were not purchased as such.

For the rest, there will be trinkets de-listed that you may own; you will keep it for its lifespan or, if you are shrewd / lucky, you will purchase the trinkets permanently that you really want before we de-list them. Otherwise, wave goodbye to them.

We actually care less about the revenue from that and more about limiting the time they exist in the realm! That is after all why trinkets had lifespans to begin with.

For the few with permanent trinkets who grab them before they are de-listed, they are hardly a gross imbalance. Many of them have received the necessary balances before we introduced monthly rental. Such foresighted people may keep their special items as historic artifacts of this time of recovery.

Exemption from removal

The exception is fireflies, which exist for a different reason. They have continued to improve combat's length, range of abilities used, and tactics in group fights (which are otherwise a flurry of afflict-to-win mechanics). They have their own balance timer and cannot do everything for you, but they are a huge benefit in group fights, young fighters learning the ropes, and seniors returning to a complex and much-changed world.

Fireflies are in fact the one "trinket" that have really improved Avalon gameplay, since they address not income but the existence of Belgarath and similar Code To Win endgame issues. What they cure is deeply configurable now and we are always open to recommendations of what should and should not be possible for fireflies, but remember what a firefly cannot do, can a script do and will you be facing the next Belgarath who demands you code as much as he does?

Battlesands & Ordination XIV resumes Summer 2018

We are beginning a series of 3-4 Battlesands to determine the captains of the next Divine Gem Quest this Summer 2018. Ordination XIV is ready to get underway before the end of the Summer. Keep your eyes peeled for event schedules and definitive dates.

Event Trials

We are initiating a series of unscheduled events to iron out any issues that may have appeared since these events were last used. Some are very cool and fun; they deserve to be part of the general mix of Avalon.

The Golden Egg Hunt on 1st of April was a comfortably competitive backdrop to the rest of goings-on, with Pollux and Tiele tied at first place of 159 eggs and 23850gp earned in a day.

You can expect the following events to appear anytime between April and end of May when we have time and people to test them properly:

  • The Torch: the original ordination format, to carry a torch from end to end of Avalon, against aggressors
  • The Hilt: city versus city combat, an ancient format akin to the original warfare of 1991
  • The Sceptre of Night: guild tournament involving combat and defence of their territory
  • The Races: speed from random points on the globe, no artifacts, PREPARE TO RUN, or ZOOM
  • The Questors: completion of the most quests throughout the land in a specified time period
  • The Day Quests: Liche King, Pagea, Alessandria, Yabbabadon the Jester-King, and others
  • Immortal Combat: tested before but a small cleanup of rules and abilities are still needed


We are continuing to hammer out issues with the abilities in specialisations that were ailing veteran Avalonians and more is to come. The schedule for each profession is being left fluid, with open season on Thief, Seer, and Mage at the moment of writing. Loremaster, Knight, Sorcerer, and Ranger will follow, then Druid and Bard to conclude.

Fixes in the pipeline or completed:

  • Elementalism roots and shared elemental rooting via proxy and root friends between elementalists
  • Lorestave/lorerobes now given to apprentices
  • Lorecouncil fixes; Opalescence and Skymaster fixes to come
  • Specialisations for all professions can be obtained after 20 Avalon years not 100
  • Thief SHADOWS moved into Thievery, Burglary and Assassination
  • Lockpicking made more approachable, see HELP LOCKS for max door strengths
  • Seer ATTACK and other such made consistent; no advantage between Oracle and non-Oracle
  • seeing stone watch/detect/listen all operate like silmarillion arcana
  • OWL runes fixed and have a fixed 25 uses before decaying
  • Oracle and Truemystic run through underway - plus for all and sundry the Oracle's inviolate trolling changed
  • Oracle sphere wind now has equilibrium

There is far, far more, especially in Thief, Seer, and Mage, that have already been fixed and it is simplest to be in good communication with Genesis and myself to ensure what needs to be fixed or to learn what has been finished already. With updates every day, it is difficult to summarise here.

There are not going to be additions in this fixup unless a profession requires it. Seer is the main exception: stone relationships are to be formalised into Independent, Master, Vassal, and Slave stones, with the appropriate effects on sphere of influence.

We need detailed and specific reports of each issue to be able to fix remaining issues.

Issues are not to be confused with ability entries that were added but left unconsidered and unfinished between 2010 to 2016.

If there is an ability that was never implemented or never worked from your abilities list, you should report it for removal using BUG and mark the bug number using BC <number> UNFINISHED.

Most issues reported lately are about not understanding the ability, rather than it being broken. Everyone is right in demanding abilities lists that only include what is implemented and given enough information to use them in the manner intended.

If the ability has incorrect or vague help files, use BC <number> VAGUE.

Report what you can reproduce as wrong: quoted text, what you type, what you get back. Casual opinion about what is fair has no objective value. It is important we are not flooded with wishlists and vaguery. It wastes a lot of time we could use on something concrete reported by you or someone else.

Once every profession is stable in its own abilities and in relation to combat, economics, theft, etc., additions may follow on a stable basis.


To achieve any specialisation, characters must have held the profession for 20 Avalon years (300 real days), instead of 100 Avalon years. It affects Mage but not Loremaster, which is guided by the Lorecouncil and is the only exception to this change.

Trade & Economics

On the 1st of March we reproportioned how many commodities were available in the world. Production in villages and the worth of farming, labouring, and crafting are healthy once again. Further revision of what is actually produced worldwide and which items require which commodities, how those are crafted, and what benefit there is to being a craftsmen are all to come between April and June.

Part of fixing skills is also fixing Farming, Labours, and giving more value to the new crafting skills of Industry, Crafting, Haberdashery, and Carpentry. Farming, Labours, and animal husbandry issues should be reported as you would any skill fixes with professions.

Renting shop space: sell items without a shop

Over the years there are lots of shops that are occupied and not enough of them in locations that are high visibility. We have a solution...

At the discretion of the State Minister or private shop owner, extra shelf space may be given to passing traders. Novices and seniors alike may wish to sell only a few items, or not go through the trouble of owning and stocking their own shop constantly. They can put their goods with the rest of the shop's and be listed separately too. Their profits can be retrieved from their strongbox in the shop and filled with new goods as and when they are able.

Expanding the city limits with streets

Buildings will very soon include a major addition: Streets! The expansion of the cities has long been an issue and there is only one way to expand: outwards. There is actually a lot of empty space around the cities already which is without locations and unless you all go crazy with it, there is no need to even regulate how far your streets, roads, alleys, and parks can stretch.


We are gearing up the external portals, payment systems, website, emails, and client again. I was particularly preoccupied with the new novice system and could not attend to both. Some of the things to come:

  • better navigation, logo, and search for Avalon; the Legend Lives website
  • automatic sync of game data with the website (BB and HELP are already on a 3 day cycle)
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest regular unique posts
  • a tips series on Facebook that exposes some special aspect of Avalon
  • skills viewable on the website (inc. ability help files, lists, and levels)
  • a lean and mean Umbra/2 (Umbra rewritten) with modern/accessible code and payment button (this is not Jasper yet)
  • revised Guide section to advise novice and middling players

We kindly ask everyone to use the Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter shares from the website, especially the front page, and both Follow and Like the Official Avalon Facebook page. Announcements are being repeated on these services.

That concludes this Vale post. Below are the UPDATES as of writing that were requested the last few times.

Updates since 1st March

I will not be including the profession specific ones at this time, but you can come and check them.

We are keeping a regular sync for Avalon Latest Updates but for those who want it all now...

4th April:

  • No longer possible to possession / shirolos / voice giving out city favour or disfavour. (4th-Hindyear-1448 aDW)
  • Wirren herb extended to last 5x as long per dose. (3rd-Hindyear-1448 aDW)

3rd April:

  • Specialisation years needed for some professions reduced from 100 to 20 Avalon years to bring it into line with other professions. (21st-Ilmarael-1448 aDW)
  • WIELD LEFT/RIGHT now no longer needs you to UNWIELD then WIELD but instead you can just go direct to WIELD LEFT/RIGHT <weapon/item> and your choice will supersede whatever you had wielded before. (18th-Ilmarael-1448 aDW)
  • Charms for arcana psycho-resonance now show in MAGICLIST and PROBE <charm> with help on resonation in HELP RESONATE to take some of the guesswork out of how charm resonating and tapping works. (18th-Ilmarael-1448 aDW)

2nd April:

  • SEEK <city/village> and SEEK <guild> using "targets" ability (AB DEFENCE TARGETS) no longer seeks out men already in the process of being beckoned enlisted. (7th-Midsummer-1448 aDW)

1st April:

  • Vorpal blade now anti-defence effective. It may be TOO effective for the time being so be warned. It is supposed to do 60 select defences. At present it is doing 300. (17th-Skyelong-1448 aDW)

31st March:

  • Ploughing, sowing etc now possible most of the Avalon year. Maximum yield for spring plough/sow but it can be done later in the year too. (3rd-Skyelong-1448 aDW)

30th March:

  • Owl-shaped tracker runes now gives more pinpoint info as the tracking is reported to the rune owners. (25th-Springflower-1448 aDW)
  • Ship resurrection aura no longer dispersed on the recently resurrected victim by dint of certain aggressive acts AGAINST rather than BY the one with the ship aura. (20th-Springflower-1448 aDW)

29th March:

  • Gordian chains: WIND/UNWIND and PULL should all be working - and easier to read CHAINS info to boot. (8th-Springflower-1448 aDW)
  • Steeds / eagles should not be taken away by cherubs (unless killed) after purchase from a shop - regardless of their age / health / how long they've been in the stockroom. (8th-Springflower-1448 aDW)
  • Specialist skills with particular learning processes now show in AB where forthcoming abilities are, in the skill, accurately. (8th-Springflower-1448 aDW)
  • Little finger ring trinket (ring2210) updated with the sparklesight/extrasensory death info messages. (8th-Springflower-1448 aDW)
  • Sparklesight (death messages) now show up cause of death when someone's slain but with extrasensory perception it also shows location of death. (8th-Springflower-1448 aDW)
  • Badge completion auto-allocates the badge even if the experiences are done out of order or piecemeal. (24th-Cloudburst-1448 aDW)
  • Fireworks at chapter end for the person completing the chapter not everyone in the location. (24th-Cloudburst-1448 aDW)
  • Posts about enlistments, killed, bribed, impressed will now display properly at the end of Agamnion 31st for all cities so you can see where each citizen ranks and thus their contribution (reward) for doing good for the city/guild. (24th-Cloudburst-1448 aDW)
  • Election posts to the BB now functioning correctly including when one of the candidates leaves city or standing down causes an early election result. (24th-Cloudburst-1448 aDW)

28th March:

  • #trinkets Repriced balm1544 to 105 crowns, consumable, tradable, and first trinket to come with its own special presets. (1st-Cloudburst-1448 aDW)
  • Charmshield now functioning properly. (23rd-Mournsend-1448 aDW)

27th March:

  • DESCRIBE MYSELF description no longer wiped on LW/badge completions. (16th-Mournsend-1448 aDW)
  • Swimming in the Azrilite lake (by the jetty) now lets you swim and move properly. Same for a few other similar location combinations dotted around the land. (13th-Mournsend-1448 aDW)

26th March:

  • Removed the Introductions BB post for Communicator badge. (25th-Eleuthral-1448 aDW)
  • LW entry into cadets barracks (off the school militia location) no longer blocked for those still on free days. (22nd-Eleuthral-1448 aDW)
  • Use of herbs and poisons and whatnot in the arena now depletes. (19th-Eleuthral-1448 aDW)
  • Website: old guilds not linked on the /world/ page are now accessible (Necromancers, Wizards, etc) (12th-Eleuthral-1448 aDW)

25th March:

  • DIR (directory of merchants at the city central squares) now shows up steeds + eagles + pets. (30th-Midwinter-1448 aDW)
  • SHOPACTIONS - SHOPACT - logging for shop usage, salevaluing and all that malarky: now back in play. (30th-Midwinter-1448 aDW)
  • SHOPS - CITYHELP SHOPS - the giving out and managing of shops in a city now back fully into play for all cities. (29th-Midwinter-1448 aDW)
  • HELP ICONS updated to be brought up to date. (29th-Midwinter-1448 aDW)
  • Old crone who makes clothes and crafted items: REQUEST <item> <type#> now instead of REQUEST NEEDLEWORK though the latter will work too. (14th-Midwinter-1448 aDW)
  • AB <skill> now shows abilities as listed including any favour, disfavour, icon, wurtfoil effect, etc. (13th-Midwinter-1448 aDW)
  • Further content for STATUEWASH task in the Goldquestor badge. (12th-Midwinter-1448 aDW)
  • HURLABYSS, PLANTMELLIAN, and FREESLAVES content added. (11th-Midwinter-1448 aDW)
  • Gemstones, touchmural, eleusisbell, and thrullknock tasks completed for Pioneer badge. (11th-Midwinter-1448 aDW)

24th March:

  • DO <badge> should work even after badge completion if it shows tasks to do, to sweep up any remaining tasks (either for the prize, or for completeness) (31st-Agamnion-1447 aDW)
  • Icon skill boosts now also work on guild skills and inherited/taught skills (Herbs and Poisons) and specialisation skills: though the boost you gain depends on the skill type, and if you have favour or disfavour. (29th-Agamnion-1447 aDW)
  • Icons now work when worn rather than wielded so as not to interfere with important abilities requiring wielded items. (29th-Agamnion-1447 aDW)
  • Bloodlust from seconds no longer harsh as was. (28th-Agamnion-1447 aDW)
  • Acquiring your PRIZE and doing a BADGE with unset/disabled experiences no longer to interfere with badge and/or prize acquisition. (28th-Agamnion-1447 aDW)
  • Free trial days for new characters reduced from 30 days to 14 days. (22nd-Agamnion-1447 aDW)
  • Special case for experiences MENTORED, GAINDUTY and various others for seniors who'll have done these a long time ago. (23rd-Agamnion-1447 aDW)

23rd March:

  • Yellow names in WHO: mail hook fixed; check your latest email from Avalon and click something inside it. (14th-Agamnion-1447 aDW)
  • Dwindling WHO list fixed: novices can again finish early chapters and badges. Two weeks of declining activity arrested. (13th-Agamnion-1447 aDW)
  • All middlings and seniors should DO CRUCIBLE then DO FULLMETA and complete that experience, as definitive inspiration. (12th-Agamnion-1447 aDW)
  • Added FULLMETA task to Crucible badge. It's a biggun! (12th-Agamnion-1447 aDW)
  • Scarecrow task updated with more specific hints. (11th-Agamnion-1447 aDW)
  • Synallaspell task now has historic and advisory content. (10th-Agamnion-1447 aDW)
  • HELP LOCK now contains the lock complexity maximums. (21st-Leaflost-1447 aDW)

22nd March:

  • HELP BUILDINGS updated with the most recent values. (3rd-Leaflost-1447 aDW)

21st March:

  • Vigour / tiredness wrapping issues resolved. (18th-Hindyear-1447 aDW)
  • DISARM issues fixed. (14th-Hindyear-1447 aDW)

20th March:

  • Legions moving in and out of barracks - automatically dealing with doors - should be working A-OK again. (29th-Ilmarael-1447 aDW)

19th March:

  • The timeline on the website (https://www.avalon-rpg.com/history/) is updated with the latest events from the diaries and journals of the divine and mortal. (28th-Midsummer-1447 aDW)
  • Fixed issue with FIRSTWHERE and FIRSTNOV not completing. (20th-Midsummer-1447 aDW)

18th March:

  • ELECTORATE list accessible to citizens/guildmembers even when there's not an election active. (3rd-Midsummer-1447 aDW)
  • Crucible badge enabled. (2nd-Midsummer-1447 aDW)
  • Changed firefly jars to available again, with permanent fireflies within. (2nd-Midsummer-1447 aDW)
  • Skillful and Animals badges enabled with temporary content. (30th-Skyelong-1447 aDW)
  • Lessons calculation in AB <skill> shows what you presently would require (takes account of darsurion and lessonup) (30th-Skyelong-1447 aDW)
  • LEARNING updated to include better information on what is required and received. (30th-Skyelong-1447 aDW)

17th March:

  • BADGES / DO <badge> when all tasks are complete even if you don't have the badge in your active REMEMBER / busy doing another bad - it will credit you with the badge completion providing there's nothing else to do (and the badge isn't a by hand one). (15th-Skyelong-1447 aDW)

16th March:

  • HELP LIFESTORY updated to be made current and lifestory experiences put in the badges to replace a few unengaging tasks. (23rd-Paglost-1447 aDW)
  • Younger players can now get into the underworld for quests/experience/fast-combat practice. (17th-Paglost-1447 aDW)
  • Sponsorship no longer mortal given. HELP SPONSORSHIP rewritten. Divine assessment for exceptional cases only. (12th-Paglost-1447 aDW)

15th March:

  • Bogus use of Specialisations loophole fixed across all specs. Report any anomalies! (3rd-Paglost-1447 aDW)
  • Estimate of lessons to next ability are fixed, to show based on lessonup/darsurion presently in effect. (1st-Paglost-1447 aDW)
  • ARROWS command to show how many arrows you have in reach, tallying up worn quivers and arrows held. It also batches them together, quivers permitting. (27th-Springflower-1447 aDW)
  • Traversal against certain shielded location types now gives helpful/correct texts when it fails. (26th-Springflower-1447 aDW)
  • No TRUESTEAL from auras. (26th-Springflower-1447 aDW)
  • Growth of herbs and poisons out in the wild is active once more and regulated according to environment, specific herb/poison, fertility, etc. (26th-Springflower-1447 aDW)
  • CURRENCY table altered, better incentives for large purchases, which were too stingy, and a new 50 USD option for a +5% bonus. (23rd-Springflower-1447 aDW)

14th March:

  • STRIKE in Fisticuffs no longer prevented by lurching into action. (8th-Springflower-1447 aDW)
  • POSITIONING when attained in Defence now accessible. (8th-Springflower-1447 aDW)
  • Wyvern steeds able to be whistled like any intelligent mount. (8th-Springflower-1447 aDW)
  • GATESTONE experience available to non-LWs if in chapter. (8th-Springflower-1447 aDW)
  • Giving items to Synalla no longer restricted to LW only. (8th-Springflower-1447 aDW)
  • Website optimised for maximum security, compatibility, speed, and mobile performance. (6th-Springflower-1447 aDW)

13th March:

  • Chapter progression with the sunrise is now active. Look out for this and for the potential to choose experience types if we switch that facility on. Masterclass and Honours chapter content (quite different) will start popping up here and there too. (11th-Cloudburst-1447 aDW)
  • HELP AID - getting aid from NPCs in specifics like charging and essencing, for those on the badges / LW or MW phase. (8th-Cloudburst-1447 aDW)

12th March:

  • WEBSITE: all help files should now work on the site and it is now fully HTTPS/HSTS/HTTP2 compliant. (23rd-Mournsend-1447 aDW)
  • Adjusted price for the bony finger1863 to account for its dissolution of long but fleeting disfavour (as opposed to eternal and creator disfavour, which cannot be annulled) (23rd-Mournsend-1447 aDW)
  • Alkar of rebirth now remains until broken in line with less consistent mobile connections; and pops up for those on Umbra if genuinely idling to protect from unscrupulous trolls. (22nd-Mournsend-1447 aDW)
  • Reset all chapter selections worldwide, to force the correct selection for everyone, whether dormant or active. (22nd-Mournsend-1447 aDW)
  • Moved portalling and eating a pill to the Safety badge. (15th-Mournsend-1447 aDW)

11th March:

  • Bogus object values corrected. Report any anomalies. (28th-Eleuthral-1447 aDW)
  • ALL SENIORS AND MIDDLINGS can play catch-up on badge experiences not yet completed (i.e. even if you have the badge and the prize, there'll be a bunch to do). Easy way to scoop a windfall in lessons and crowns. (28th-Eleuthral-1447 aDW)
  • Commanding an NPC READY to very low or higher levels now works as documented. (15th-Eleuthral-1447 aDW)
  • Long-standing issue with FULLPARRY fixed. (13th-Eleuthral-1447 aDW)

10th March:

  • STOP no longer aborts experiences ongoing when intended to cease/stop something else like a zoom or an NPC. (24th-Midwinter-1447 aDW)

9th March:

  • Fisticuffs change: Trip down to Competent. (8th-Midwinter-1447 aDW)
  • Riding changes: Galloping to Respected, Cantering to Competent, Training to high Legendary, Intimidate to Renowned. (8th-Midwinter-1447 aDW)
  • Vault in Fisticuffs removed, for Vaulting in Riding as definitive. (8th-Midwinter-1447 aDW)
  • FIRST PROFESSION RUN-THROUGH starting Saturday 10th March, to Friday 16th March will be focused on the THIEF profession. (2nd-Midwinter-1447 aDW)
  • Legend chapters now take from a larger pool of experiences (though not from those in badges, honours or masterclass) and arrange in your chapter based on the difficulty with the last few entries being the most difficult experiences of the bunch. (1st-Midwinter-1447 aDW)
  • Novices can now do badges in virtually any order they like, and complete as many or as few experiences in each as they prefer, going back and forth between badges as their characters progress. (1st-Midwinter-1447 aDW)
  • BADGES command now available for everyone (even those prized/senior) and it'll show if you've done a badge but also even if you've done the badge, how many experience tasks are left to be completed. And you can complete these at any time. (1st-Midwinter-1447 aDW)
  • Everyone is able to go back and do BADGE experience content even if badges have been completed. Use DO <badge> and look in your REM (REMEMBER). You'll see all the incomplete experiernces listed; and you'll be able to gain crowns+lessons accordingly. (1st-Midwinter-1447 aDW)
  • Completion of chapters (at the end) no longer gives crowns. Instead ALL experiences (legend chapter AND badges, honours, masterclass, LW, etc) give crowns for each individual completion in addition to the lessons and xp. Crowns per experience, like lessons, based on its difficulty. (1st-Midwinter-1447 aDW)

8th March:

  • Enlisting, intro letters and beckoning are all available for full graduate youngsters now. (16th-Agamnion-1446 aDW)
  • Complete rewrite of the LW chapters to take into account the new badge system. (9th-Agamnion-1446 aDW)
  • Safety badge released. Partial, not full room protection lesson yet. (1st-Agamnion-1446 aDW)
  • Herbalism badge released. (29th-Leaflost-1446 aDW)

7th March:

  • Numerous updates to the new Novice chapters, only the three, all working smoothly now. (25th-Leaflost-1446 aDW)
  • BADGES on its own shows all tasks for active badges that you have not completed; crown equality per task upcoming. (25th-Leaflost-1446 aDW)

6th March:

  • All but five badges enabled. Those now active: Debonair, Armed, Communicator, Olympus, Citizen, Historian, Trader, Geographer, Resurrection, Goldquestor, Combat, Homeland, Dutiful, Vitality, Mosaic. (27th-Hindyear-1446 aDW)
  • TRIAL <profession> early on borrows the spot of badges in REMEMBER, since they're mutually exclusive. (27th-Hindyear-1446 aDW)
  • All tutorial and badge experiences ring-fenced to those going through those chapters. (27th-Hindyear-1446 aDW)
  • All badge experiences marked as non-inclusive, LW chapters will be missing tasks as a result of being brought into their badge. (27th-Hindyear-1446 aDW)
  • Massive overhaul on the early novice chapters, reduced to only 3 chapters, with first chapter joining guild, TRIALS instead of SELECTIONS, quick overview then badges. (27th-Hindyear-1446 aDW)

5th March:

  • With 90% of players already subscribed/lifetime, final piece now in play: the return of manditory subscription. (12th-Ilmarael-1446 aDW)
  • 30 free days for new players across all characters. Provisional and likely to be reduced. (12th-Ilmarael-1446 aDW)
  • Sponsorship by mortals for new players disabled. (12th-Ilmarael-1446 aDW)

4th March:

  • Guild changes no longer reduce skills if staying in the same profession and joining a new guild in the same profession class. (5th-Ilmarael-1446 aDW)
  • Guild changes carry over Herbs and Poisons if properly learned post-apprenticeship. (5th-Ilmarael-1446 aDW)
  • Learning in shops is now possible. No bogus relic restrictions on learning skills. (5th-Ilmarael-1446 aDW)
  • Olympus badge released. Use DO OLYMPUS to go through it. (24th-Midsummer-1446 aDW)
  • Resurrection badge released. Use DO RESURRECTION to try it outside of LW chapters. (22nd-Midsummer-1446 aDW)

3rd March:

  • Geographer badge is released. All seniors can try it using DO GEOGRAPHER. (15th-Midsummer-1446 aDW)
  • Fixed PURCHASE <amount> LESSONS to be a valid synonym of PROCURE <lessons> (11th-Midsummer-1446 aDW)
  • Blades and scythes added to Industry. (5th-Midsummer-1446 aDW)
  • Fixed oversight in HELP PROCURE, which now includes the working syntax, PROCURE <amount>, for converting crowns to lessons. (5th-Midsummer-1446 aDW)

2nd March:

  • Golden nuggets have been parsed along with the rest of the standard commodities. (21st-Skyelong-1446 aDW)

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