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Christmas Update 2018

We have a final update to make crowns worth more lessons and to improve subscription tiers in the week before Christmas. The change addresses concerns about lesson gain being too slow and the benefits too confusing.

This is an announcement of upcoming changes to subscriptions and procurement, but it is not active until the 18th December 2018.

The new plans and addons are available on pre-order now through Umbra (https://umbra.avalon-rpg.com) and the new in-app checkout under "Shop".

Clarification: there is no forced upgrade for current subscribers. All present customers, including annual, will be locked in on their current plans, until they choose to change. If you wish to change your current plan to its new variant (same tier, same payment plan) then speak to Cornelius.

Update 13 Dec 2018 05:30 GMT: lesson and plan value per dollar for gold and platinum were increased substantially. See the breakdown for more info.

Update 16 Dec 2018 03:30 GMT: crown savings addons appended to the list and mention of the new in-app subscription mechanism

The new plans: what's changing?

Our new plans were made from feedback over the last 6 months on what best suits both the business of Avalon and the players. We noticed you are all struggling on lessons so we've decided to help out.

With suggestions from active players, we came up with the following:

  • vastly increase lesson gain
  • (new) lesson gain for silver and above in protected locations
  • (new) offline lesson gain for higher tiers
  • remove the confusing and miserly daily lesson bonuses
  • remove all lump sum crowns per month
  • 1 or 2 crowns daily (gold & platinum only)
  • (new) daily crowns given as bank interest
  • (new) officially offer annual plans
  • (new) 15% discount on annual plan vs monthly
  • (new) upgrade/downgrade plans without loss of value
  • removing monthly bronze, which has been a net loss to Avalon
  • (new) addons for crowns to accommodate veterans

Lessons have been and continue to be the biggest concern and the old plans were too confusing.

We simplified and increased the total benefits to subscribers. Crowns have been moved, for the most part, to being optional extras.

The above changes streamline the tiers based on a single critical advantage: lesson gain. Platinum and gold will have some interest on crowns, but they are scaled up based primarily on lessons.

The Full Breakdown

The new benefits of the subscription tiers are as follows:

1 CROWN procures 5 LESSONS

CREDITED / FREE STATUS: no acceleration

  • 8 lessons / day (1 lesson / 180 mins online)
  • rewards for tasks and stories
  • automatic for new players since May 2018

BRONZE: benefits worth over $12 a month

  • 12 lessons / day (1 lesson / 120 mins online)

    ANNUALLY @ $6.66 / mo ($79.99 per year)

SILVER: benefits worth over $45 a month

  • 24 lessons / day (1 lesson / 60 mins online)

  • lesson gain in any location

    ANNUALLY @ $12.49 / mo ($149.99 per year)
    MONTHLY @ $14.99 / mo ($14.99 per month)

GOLD: benefits worth over $100 a month

  • 30 crowns / month (+1 crown / day as bank interest)

  • 40 lessons / day (1 lesson / 36 mins online)

  • lessons gained while offline

  • 6 lessons / day offline (1 lesson / 240 mins)

  • lesson gain in any location

    ANNUALLY @ $20.83 / mo ($249.99 per year)
    MONTHLY @ $24.99 / mo ($24.99 per month)

PLATINUM: benefits worth over $300 a month

  • 60 crowns / month (+2 crown / day as bank interest)

  • 96 lessons / day (1 lesson / 15 mins online)

  • lessons gained while offline

  • 12 lessons / day offline (1 lesson / 120 mins)

  • lesson gain in any location

    ANNUALLY @ $41.66 / mo ($499.99 per year)
    MONTHLY @ $49.99 / mo ($49.99 per month)

LIFETIME: cumulative with the above tiers and addons below

Note: "lesson gain in any location" includes any protected or special locations that have hitherto not gained lessons, such as:

  • stock rooms
  • treasure rooms
  • conquistador effect
  • peace ritual effect
  • inside seeing stones or companions
  • etc

Exceptions to any location are:

  • Pool of Life
  • Pool of Death
  • Arena Audience Chamber
  • Chamber of Knowledge
  • deity-aura of divine peace
  • anywhere SURVEY shows as "out of bounds for mortals"


When purchasing a subscription, you can also choose to upgrade its powers with some extra crowns.

There are only two addons at the moment, to test their appeal:

Crown Saver: save up to $5 with a better crown rate

  • +30 crowns / month (+1 crown / day as bank interest)
    MONTHLY @ $15.99 / mo ($15.99 per month)

Crown Hoarder: save up to $10 with a better crown rate

  • +90 crowns / month (+3 crowns / day as bank interest)
    MONTHLY @ $44.99 / mo ($44.99 per month)

Example: Platinum + Hoarder have a combined benefit of...

  • 150 crowns / month (5 crowns / day as bank interest)
  • 96 lessons / day (1 lesson / 15 minutes played)
  • 12 lessons / day offline (1 lesson / 120 minutes offline)

Remember that crowns from subscriptions and these addons will be automatically invested in your city bank account at 20% interest per real year.

To purchase an addon, you must use Shop > Manage Account in Umbra and update your existing subscription, where you can then list and select which addon you want on a monthly basis.

A cleaner way to create new subscriptions with addons will appear in 2019.

Once live, how to change?

If you already have a plan, you do not need to unsubscribe.

All payments, as before, are securely taken over HTTPS and a new system for receiving and updating subscriptions, including pausing, resuming, upgrading, and downgrading, is already available through Umbra.

Visit https://umbra.avalon-rpg.com/ and click on Shop, where you will see the different subscription offers. It will take you through the entire process of customer creation and payment details.

Once you complete this process successfully, you can use Shop > Manage Account to update, pause, resume, upgrade, downgrade between plans and tiers and addons.

Use SUBSCRIBE <tier> <plan> to activate it on your character, e.g. SUBSCRIBE PLATINUM MONTHLY.

(Coming soon) After you use the Umbra Checkout, your customer profile and new subscription will be automatically attached and activated to the character you specified. You need do nothing else.

Plan vs Tier

Each tier has two plans or timescales: monthly and annual.

Annual subscriptions have a built-in discount shy of 15%, or about 60 days free.

You may upgrade, downgrade, and change between plans using the new Umbra Checkout. Your plan will be prorated automatically.

The moment you switch tier, you will feel the full benefits.

Concluding Statement

We believe we have a very compelling set of plans that are appropriate to their cost now, after a year of watching how they evolved and the feedback we received. We thank everyone who has returned detailed comments on what they wished to see changed.

The Message of the Day (MOTD) and SUBSCRIPTIONS will be updated when it is live.

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